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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I change a listing? does not host any data and therefore cannot delete, add or modify listings. All data is owned and maintained by our partners. To make changes to your listing or a listing referencing your phone number, please contact the appropriate partner directly.

How do I order a phone book?

How do I advertise my business?

You may submit a request for Yellow Pages advertising  here.

Please do not contact me. Please stop emailing me.

We do not have a telephone sales department and do not send out spam mail. We would never contact a personal number/email to sell any sort of listing or advertisement. We only contact business numbers/emails upon request.

I need help finding a person or business.

If you are unable to find a business or a personal listing, then contacting 411 or your local operator is your quickest solution. Service fees may apply.

Please cancel my subscription or directory advertisement.

We do not handle any advertising. If you purchased an advertisement, please check your invoice for the correct contact information.

I recieved and cashed a check and now I have a subscription I don't want!

We do NOT do any sort of solicitation. We are not responsible for check cashing subscriptions, cold calling or email spamming.