South Street Diner

(617) 350-0028

178 Kneeland St
Boston MA 02111


5 Most Recent Reviews of South Street Diner

Yelp - by Gene G.

0.0 of 5 stars. ) Friendly neighborhood place that's great early in the morning - just coming in or going out. A bit cramped, but worth the wait if you need to wait. Usually eat at the counter. Service is quick and…

Yelp - user review - 2011-03-20

Yelp - by Jack M.

0.0 of 5 stars. ) PACKED.-Geez, once the snow leaves, you people are everywhere, huh? It's like my gym. I go all the time - then suddenly WHAM a bunch of new people show up for a few months!-Went here for lunch. The…

Yelp - user review - 2011-03-18

Yelp - by chris g.

0.0 of 5 stars. ) We dropped our daughter off at the bus station to go back to college. It was 7am on a Sunday, Daylight Savings Time morning, so our bodies felt like it was 6am. We had parked around the corner, and…

Yelp - user review - 2011-03-14

Yelp - by app P.

0.0 of 5 stars. ) Five stars because they didn't kick my drunken a$$ out when I fell off of the stool. Cannot quite remember what I had to eat, but I vaguely recall cheese and grease - the winning combo for a…

Yelp - user review - 2011-03-06

Yelp - by Chris B.

0.0 of 5 stars. ) Happy neighborhood place. Friendly workers. Place is always busy but still manages to have a spare seat for you and your dining companion. That's always nice.The reason these guys get 4 stars is the…

Yelp - user review - 2011-02-26